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Being a good corporate citizen and operating with integrity is central to how we do business. We help build economies and communities globally.

Through a grant from the JPMorgan Chase & Co. foundation, J.P. Morgan’s corporate responsibility activities support various non-profit organizations and a wide range of employee volunteer activities. Our current initiatives are focused around supporting workforce readiness and small business development in the communities where we do business. We also offer skill-based volunteering support by the employees to the grant programs.

Support from the JPMorgan Chase & Co. Foundation

In Japan, J.P. Morgan currently supports, through a grant from the JPMorgan Chase & Co. Foundation, the organizations below. Our employees also provide pro bono support.

Sodateage Net
J.P. Morgan has established a partnership with Sodateage Net, a local non-profit organization committed to supporting young people’s economic independence. In partnership with the organization, J.P. Morgan launched “Youth Drive,” an employment support program.

J.P. Morgan has developed a partnership with MAKOTO, a general incorporated association committed to foster entrepreneurs in the Tohoku area and to support start up businesses to ensure sustainable growth and create jobs in the region.

Bridge for Smile
J.P. Morgan has established a partnership with Bridge for Smile, a non-profit organization specializing in helping youth live independently after leaving their homes, to support workforce readiness program.

J.P. Morgan has established a partnership with ETIC. (Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities), a Japanese non-profit organization, committed to foster social businesses and their leaders.

Tohoku Support Projects

Soon after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, J.P. Morgan committed roughly USD 5 million in aid, including contributions from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, as well as employees in Japan and around the world. These donations were initially designated for emergency-relief work led by such organizations as the Red Cross and World Vision, and later for the TOMODACHI NGO Leadership Program launched in 2013.

TOMODACHI NGO Leadership Program
J.P. Morgan sponsors a three-year program aiming to develop future Japanese leaders of NGOs supporting recovery in Tohoku. Since its launch in April 2013, the program, run by the U.S.-Japan Council (Japan), has provided opportunities for Japanese NGO leaders to study in the U.S. and participate in various networking events where they can learn and interact with local NGO leaders.

“Save our Culture” project
J.P. Morgan provided support to the Save Our Culture project which aimed to rescue and renovate Japan’s cultural heritage buildings and monuments damaged by the 2011 Earthquake. The firm received commendations from the Cultural Affairs Agency in September 2015 that recognized our contribution over the past three years.

Morgan House
JPMorgan Chase Foundation funded the building of a group home called “Morgan House” in Ishinomaki City for mentally and physically challenged adults who lost their homes in the earthquake. The construction was completed in March 2014.

Building playgrounds in Tohoku
J.P. Morgan is supporting a project to build playgrounds for children in Tohoku and provided a grant through JPMorgan Chase Foundation. J.P. Morgan employee volunteers have made several trips to Tohoku to build playgrounds.

Fukushima Kids Baseball Charity
J.P. Morgan sponsored a baseball charity event at Jingu Baseball field, inviting approximately 200 children living in Fukushima or who temporarily evacuated to Tokyo. The event featured a baseball class coached by professional players from the Yakult Swallows. J.P. Morgan employee volunteers also helped to run the event.

Other Tohoku related support
J.P. Morgan has also engaged in a variety of volunteer efforts in Tohoku, including donating daily goods and bicycles, providing a soup kitchen for people in temporary housing in Ishinomaki City, helping with farm work for the elderly, and assisting kindergarten’s sports festival.

Support for Aiiku School for children with special needs
For more than 10 years, J.P. Morgan has been supporting the Aiiku School for children with special needs. A group of employee volunteers conducts an annual school clean-up, working with teachers during the summer vacation to clean windows, paint walls, wax the floors, clean air conditioners, and maintain the children’s playground. Employee volunteers also provide help with various school events, including the summer festivals, barbecue and Halloween parties and an annual bazaar.

Japan Guide Dog Association
J.P. Morgan has been providing support for the Japan Guide Dog Association (JGDA) since 2010. Our activities include raising funds from employees, facilitating family awareness sessions, selling JGDA merchandise, and visiting the Guide Dog training center to clean the facilities and care for the dogs.

Sign Language Volunteer activities
J.P. Morgan offers sign language lessons for employees to learn and improve their sign language skills. At the end of each year, J.P. Morgan invites hearing-impaired children to a ballet performance held at the New National Theater. Employee volunteers who have been learning sign language attend these events and communicate with the children, explaining the performance and the story.

Mt. Fuji Eco Project
Since 2007, J.P. Morgan has been participating in annual clean-up activities at Mt. Fuji in an effort managed jointly with the Fujisan Club NPO. We also organize an eco-tour to learn about the natural environment, local animals and plants, and the eco-system, to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Special Olympics Nippon
J.P. Morgan has been supporting the Special Olympics Nippon (SON) since 2007. Employees participate in SON as volunteer staff, providing on-site management and event operation support. We also participate in fund raising events and networking events with SON athletes.

FIT for Charity
J.P. Morgan is one of the founding members and a major sponsor of the annual Financial Industry in Tokyo (FIT) for Charity Run, started in 2005. The event raises money for lesser-known local community organizations.

Oxfam Trailwalker Japan
J.P. Morgan has been supporting the Oxfam Trailwalker Japan event since 2008. The firm sponsors teams of four people to walk 100 kilometers within 48 hours to raise funds for charity, and provides a volunteer crew to help the teams complete their mission.

Run for the Cure / Walk for Life
Since 2004, J.P. Morgan has been participating in the Run for the Cure charity run and walk. The firm sponsors employee runners and walkers and sends volunteer staff to help with event management.

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