1. Matters to be considered in view of the knowledge, experience and status of properties of a client and purposes of the contracts to transact financial products subject to our solicitation:
    • We shall establish and maintain a "Know Your Customer File" that keeps records of a client's corporate name, address, type of business, financial status, transaction purpose, etc. and refer to the past transactions records. Based on these files and records, we shall endeavor to solicit business, that will meet a client's business intention and actual conditions.
    • We shall recommend our products that will be appropriate to a client in view of a client's financial knowledge, experience of financial transactions and financial status and purposes of the contracts to transact financial products.
    • When recommending our products to a client, we shall endeavor to make an appropriate explanation of the product specifications, associated risks, etc. of the products in view of a client's financial knowledge, experience of financial transactions, etc.
  2. Matters to be considered with respect to the methods of solicitation and time zone for solicitation:
    • When making a solicitation, we shall place the first priority on securing a client's trust in us, and shall engage in appropriate business solicitation in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.
    • We shall not only respect the laws and regulations, but also endeavor to make a solicitation based on the rational grounds.
    • In the time when a client might feel troubled, we shall neither make a solicitation by phone nor visit a client's office for solicitation. In case you feel troubled by our solicitation, please mention the fact directly to our sales staff.
    • In case we show the advertisement of our financial products on the internet home-page, we shall endeavor to make an appropriate advertisement by having our Compliance Group review and confirm the contents in advance.
    • Our office hour is for clients from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. However, our sales staff can be contacted by phone, etc. after 3:00 p.m. to do business with a client.
  3. Other matters for securing appropriateness of solicitation:
    • We are providing a sufficient internal training with the managers and staff members so that no inappropriate solicitation is made by the staff of the Company.
    • In case you have noticed anything particular with respect to your transactions with us, please contact our Compliance without hesitation.
    • Our management and staff members are making efforts at all times to acquire knowledge and enhance the level of quality so that they can meet the trust and expectation of a client.
    • We are endeavoring to reinforce the internal control system so that we can make an appropriate solicitation in compliance with the Banking Law, Financial Instrument and Exchange Law, any other laws and regulations that relate to the business and operations of the Company.
    • We are endeavoring to provide a client with appropriate information so that a client can conduct transactions with us with own judgement and responsibility.