Work Environment

J.P. Morgan provides a variety of employee support programs to foster a better working environment.

  • Happy Baby program: J.P. Morgan provides various resources and services to support our female employees and allow them to continue working after childbirth. A number of programs are also available to our male employees who wish to take part in child care. Programs cover such areas as maternity and child care leave, reduced work schedules and staggered working hours after returning to work, as well as coupons and subsidies for childcare centers. A lactation room is available in the office. Many working mothers continue building their careers while raising their children.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Flexible work arrangements, including flextime, staggered working hours, part-time and remote work arrangements, are available to our employees to support diverse requirements based on individual job and family circumstances.
  • Employee Assistance Program: J.P. Morgan provides counseling services through a third-party organization that allows our employees to discuss issues and challenges related to their workplace, career, marriage, divorce, childbirth, and personal health.
  • Wellness program: The firm offers an annual health checkup, wellness diagnosis, counseling, health-enhancement programs, awareness seminars on nutrition management and various diseases and provides useful information on wellness through newsletters.
  • Club activities: J.P. Morgan supports club activities, such as yoga and table tennis, voluntarily run by employees. Club activities help employees to build internal networks and refresh the body and mind.
  • J.P. Morgan’s Action Plan to support the development of the next generation is based on the Revised Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.
  • J.P. Morgan’s Action Plan to support women in workplace by creating a working environment where female employees can receive supports and benefits from work-life-balance and various flexible working styles.

Diversity and Inclusion

At J.P. Morgan, diversity and inclusion is a cornerstone of our global corporate culture. Individuals of any ethnicity, nationality, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion and physical ability have the opportunity to excel based on their performance and contribution to the firm. We hire, train and retain people with unique experiences and diverse backgrounds because we believe that it strengthens our global business capabilities. We believe that our collective diversity and inclusion effort is our strength, brings creativity to our work and leads to the best solutions for our clients.

Japan’s diversity and inclusion initiatives include:

Female employees

J.P. Morgan actively supports female employees’ career development. The Women's Interactive Network Japan (“WIN Japan”), comprising employees in the Japan office, plays a key role in helping to improve the work environment for female employees, to increase the number of female executives across our franchise and helping our female employees develop their careers over the long term. The group provides employees with numerous networking opportunities, mentoring, training for career progression and skill development programs. WIN Japan also works in partnership with external groups and organizations to provide networking opportunities.

In addition, J.P. Morgan organizes a recruiting seminar called “Winning Women,” specifically designed for female students across the globe. In Japan, we host the event every fall and provide female students with opportunities to talk to female employees at the J.P. Morgan Tokyo office. 

Employees with disabilities

At J.P. Morgan, employees with disabilities work in a wide range of positions. We provide tailored support for these employees as needed, including flexible work arrangements, skills development and career management, so that they are able to maximize their potential.


J.P. Morgan supports LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) staff with inclusive policies. For instance, the company’s provisions for child care, family care and adoption leave, child birth leave and ex-gratia payment apply with domestic partners and domestic partner’s children.


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